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Camportable Limited Liability Company, Świętokrzyska 30  street lok. 63, 00-116 Warsaw, Poland, TAX ID: PL 525-285-65-07, KRS 0000891023, Regon: 388496352

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We create solutions for you to be more comfortable.

After two years of tests, you can try out our first, unique product yourself. Multipurpose, hitch mount Camportable Kitchen can be used in the garden, while camping or simply when you travel in your camper.


Less time for preparations, more time for you to enjoy your great time adventure.

We face the elements to make your camping life easier.

Do you like to spend hours building your accommodation site outdoors? We don't. There is nothing more precious in life than time, freedom and nature. There is a solution based on our experience. Camportable Kitchen makes outdoor cooking as easy as possible. Water and fire united for you to create culinary arts.

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We design products for outdoor living, portability and comfort.

Is your goal to stay portable and mobile while keeping a fancy look? No worries! We have spent months developing our idea to fullfill the most challenging needs in order to make your outdoor living great, beautiful and fun. Modern design with attention to details is what we care for the most.