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Hitch mounted Camportable Kitchen size 120 x 60 x 64 cm and weight 38 kg (48 with full 10 l watertank), allows for easy transport with any car. Extremely comfortable while driving does not require trailer highway tolls or speed limitations. All you need is a hitch, 30" set up and you are ready to start your outdoor adventure with certified hitch mount MFT (optional) system with dedicated lightning.

Cooking and washing.


Dometic Tropicool 14-liter fridge (optional) guarantees all the essential food items to travel with at a pre-set temperature. Camportable Kitchen is perfect to be used all year round. When outside temperature falls below zero the fridge will warm the interior to maintain the set temperature in order to prevent the stored products from freezing.

Storage space of Camortable Kitchen was created to keep your belongings organized. Water tanks were mounted in specially designed, dedicated, rounded storage space to leave room for your belongings allocated in four removable drawers. Yes we created space for 4 drawers mounted on the sliding system which allows to remove them completely. All created to make the maintance of Camportable Kitchen easy and comfortable. 


Any RTT companion.

30 seconds. It is less than it takes to unfold any RTT available on the market. While designing Camportable Kitchen we decided to make it the best companion for any RTT. Now you can come and gone faster than anyone on the trail. With no kitchen equipment packed in your trunk. You will surely find an idea how to use the extra free space. 

No more packing before the trip. No need to find extra storage for boxes or cases. Camportable Kitchen is not only a portable camping solution. It is your every day, and night, companion. Lighting system consists of lid led stripes and portable led flash lights in each drawer. All year round you can use it as a garden kitchen or barbeque support with all necessary equipment always at hand.

Additional equipment such as a dedicated garden stand will be presented in 2023.

Multipurpose use.


Camportable Kitchen was created to resist. It is made with attention to details and with no compromises. Storage compartment is sealed to keep the goods out of environmental impact. A sealed lid secures the worktop and sink to keep them safe and clean for your everyday use. Composite board made of aluminium and polyethylene creates the shape of the box mounted on a plywood frame secured with urethane surface. 

Your belongings are safe. The base, lid and drawers are secured with dedicated locks. We have checked almost 100 different closing solutions for you. Finally, decided to choose Elesa Ganter as the product which combines design and functionality the best. 


0,8 sq meter of worktop equipped with a World Class Dometic sink with 1,0 and 1,8 kW burners accessible directly after opening the lid creates new opportunities for outdoor kitchen usage while using a dedicated 1 kg gas cylinder. No preparations or any extra equipment needed to have fun while cooking anywhere. Camportable Kitchen 10-liter water tank for white water supply allows you to do the washing up. No need to worry about dark water. Camportable Kitchen is equipped in 10-liter dark water tank to keep the enviroment safe.