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Camportable Limited Liability Company, Świętokrzyska 30  street lok. 63, 00-116 Warsaw, Poland, TAX ID: PL 525-285-65-07, KRS 0000891023, Regon: 388496352

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The story behind.


Our adventure started almost 40 years ago...


Our first camping trips feel just like yesterday. Many things have evolved since then.  Exploring the world is no longer unreachable, traveling is easier and more affordable. Still, we may all come to the same conclusion: we always have too many things to pack. Lack of space, clashes with the need for comfort and compact solutions. The first thought that comes to mind is to buy a bigger car - but sometimes that's simply not possible anymore... because there is no bigger one!


This matters most when we come to the topic of cooking wild camping.


In our experience we have used the strangest possible solutions to make our camping life easier, especially when we were out in the wild. We tested cases, boxes, multipurpose constructions including professional solutions available on the market. Depending on a type of trip/ car we used, we had to use completely different solutions, which added unnecessary stress & complexity and we never found an ultimate solution to the problem.


This is why we decided to create our own product that revolutionizes the market. 


Camportable Kitchen is to be used in a fast, efficient, safe, completely independent, and comfortable way while having a great time outdoors. Not wasting any precious time on packing, that should be spent on making great memories. 


Camportable Kitchen is efficiently designed to solve many problems.


You don't like to cook in the camper or carry any extra stuff to set up every day? You like off-road, but not a trailer? No problem - with Camportable Kitchen in 30 seconds you are set and ready to go - it's that easy! 

You want to take couple of friends for the fast picnic around and have no time for preparations? No problem - with Camportable Kitchen in 30 seconds you are set and ready to go - it's that easy!  

You came back from your adventures and want to prepare something fast in your garden with no need of unpacking? 

No problem - with Camportable Kitchen in 30 seconds you are set and ready to cook - it's that easy!